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Archives May 2011 July 2010

Who is Elcom

Date Posted: Monday, 30 May 2011 00:00
Posted By: Web Master

Elcom is one of Australia's leading and most prolific web application development companies. Elcom Technology is a developer of Enterprise Content Management Solutions (ECMS) and online commerce for secure Internet, Extranet and Intranet sites. Elcom’s suite of innovative products enables business & government to take advantage of the internet to build websites, portals, B2B & B2C systems.

This is achieved through Elcom’s ECMS, the elcomCMS Platform.

Elcom has over 14 years expertise in web development, content management, knowledge management, process management, online forms and integration. With Elcom’s experienced .NET development team and user-experience specialists, Elcom is well positioned to assist clients to take advantage of internet initiatives using Microsoft technologies. Elcom has matured to become one of Australia’s longest standing web technology based, privately owned companies in the industry.

Elcom's products are modular and are able to be used as standalone applications or integrated into powerful internet, intranet and extranet solutions facilitating online commerce, fulfilment, procurement and web publishing. All of Elcom’s systems are scalable, extensible and flexible in order to cater for future business growth and change.

We have an impressive list of clients whose businesses have flourished as a result of implementing our technologies.

We are committed to providing high quality solutions and our philosophy is to grow in excellence with you. Elcom’s history of producing superior technology solutions on time and on budget is proof of this philosophy, and our technology partners reflect the level of distinction that we have achieved.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, 100 percent dedicated to Microsoft technology, Elcom can be depended on to deliver a secure, scalable and mission critical integrated Enterprise Content Management System.

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