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GlobeHyundai Motor Company is moving confidently towards its target of global automotive leadership in environmentally-sensitive technologies. We are at the forefront of the race to provide sustainable transport, and to ensure our vehicles are as friendly to the environment as they are to our drivers.

The i30 CRDi was the first car to receive the Australian Carsguide’s Green Car of the Year award, and has been followed with ECOcar magazine awarding the all-new Hyundai i20 the 2010 ECOcar Car of the Year award.

Fuel efficiency

Hyundai_ECO_FinishWhen it comes to fuel efficiency and economy, Hyundai Motor Company Australia has a firm focus on delivering leading vehicles to the Australian Market. In 2009, the Santa Fe-R took out the SUV class in the transcontinental Global Green Challenge achieving outstanding fuel consumption figures of 5.1L/100km driving between Darwin and Adelaide.

Hyundai and the environment

People shotHyundai has been working to improve the environmentally friendliness of its products for the whole-of –life cycle (WOL). In compliance with the European Union’s directive on end-of life vehicles, Hyundai has been developing and applying various alternate heavy metal-free parts, and has registered on the International Material Data System (IMDS), a monitoring and managing system of harmful chemicals.

Hyundai has implemented a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) program which better assess the total environmental ramifications of vehicles from the design and production stage through to the final disposal of the vehicle.

To exceed a 95% weight-based recycling rate in the disassembly process by 2015, Hyundai aims to develop new recycling systems and technologies, including the construction of dedicated disposal facilities.