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Hyundai Fleet - Environmental

What shade of green are you?

TreeNot all fleets are the same shade of green. Hyundai offers you a genuine opportunity to manage your fleet emission output, and to meet Government Fleet Targets confidently without compromising power or style. Hyundai Australia is committed to working with you to achieve environmental sustainability through intelligent and informed fleet choices. Our comprehensive range of vehicles, from economical city slickers to robust delivery vans, offers you a choice of cars which can meet your application, budget and environment deliverables. You can check out our credentials at The Green Vehicle Guide.

Your carbon footprint

EXT_GR_05 rReducing your fleet size is not always an option, but making clever choices is. Our expertise will empower you reduce your carbon footprint, while continuing to ensure your fleet delivers safety, performance and cost affectivity. By driving your business with Hyundai’s selection of vehicles offering low C02 outputs, you can reach your fleet emission reduction goals, meet Government targets and realise cost efficiencies for your business.

Visit Sustainability for more information on Hyundai and the environment.