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Hyundai Fleet - Whole-of-Life Costs

iLoadAt Hyundai we take our responsibility to our fleet customers seriously. You have made an important choice in partnering with our brand, and we want to ensure you maintain confidence in that choice, long after you have taken delivery of your vehicles.

The true cost of fleet ownership covers much more than the initial financing of vehicles. The ‘Whole-of-Life’ cost of your fleet will represent an important component of your businesses' financial equation. Knowing and understanding Whole-of-Life is now widely accepted as best-practice within the fleet industry, and will empower you to better manage cost control.

What is Whole-of-Life?

SantaFe_LocationBridgeCropWhole-of-Life is the calculation of the total projected cost of the operation and management of your fleet. It includes purchase price, service and maintenance, fuel and consumables, repairs, registration, downtime, insurance, resale value and more.

Knowing and managing this data allows you to maintain budget expenditure projections, replacement provisions, and operational costs.

When it comes to fuel economy the use of high performance low emission state-of-the-art petrol and diesel engines across the Hyundai range ensures you can drive your dollar further.

Keeping your fleet moving

Often called the hidden cost of fleets, downtime can be substantial and adversely affect productivity. Our extended service intervals, averaging 15,000kms across the passenger fleet, ensures you will experience shorter downtime periods, and less off-road activity. A national network of city, rural and regional dealers makes access to service centres convenient, providing less disruption to your team.

Offering some of the highest residual values in the industry, Hyundai ensures when it comes time for fleet upgrades and meeting your evolving business needs, there are no nasty surprises. Whether it's purchasing at the end of lease, or selling, it is important to receive the very best turnover price for your vehicle.

You can depend on Hyundai’s low Whole-of-Life costs to support your decision, assist you to balance the fleet management equation and give you an advantage, the Hyundai Fleet Advantage.