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Sold exclusively through Hyundai’s dealer network, Hyundai Genuine Accessories offer you the opportunity to tailor your car to suit your individual lifestyle.

Genuine Accessories Terms and Conditions

Hyundai Genuine Accessories Warranty
For Hyundai Genuine Accessories fitted to the Hyundai vehicle by an authorised Hyundai dealer or authorised Hyundai service outlet during the Hyundai vehicle’s warranty period (as determined by Hyundai in accordance with the Hyundai vehicle service passport), the applicable warranty period is the longer of the following: i. period commencing from the date of fitment of the Hyundai Genuine Accessory until expiry of the relevant Hyundai vehicle’s warranty period; or ii. period of 12 months from the date of fitment of the Hyundai Genuine Accessory. To see the full terms and conditions, please download the PDF.
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