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  • AUXILIARY CABLE    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...


    Enjoy your favourite music when driving. Simply attach your portable music device, via the cable, into the auxiliary port and listen to it through the sound system of your i30cw.

    Note: Auxiliary Cable shown for illustration purpose only.

  • iPad Holder    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...


    Mounted securely to the front headrest, rear seat passengers can enjoy using the apps, internet and entertainment options of the iPad® while on the move. The specially designed frame tilts and rotates to allow for landscape or portrait viewing, and then quickly releases for easy transportation when the drive is over. Includes charger and headphones.

    The iPad® holder has been designed to hold iPad® models 1,2 or 3 securely. To ensure occupants are protected in the event of a collision, the screen protector must be fitted to the iPad® when in use.

  • DVD Entertainment    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    DVD Entertainment

    Keep back seat passengers occupied with a ceiling-mounted DVD entertainment unit capable of playing movies and audio as well as being Sony Playstation® and Nintendo Gameboy compatible.

    NOTE: Hyundai Genuine DVD fitting kit required. Cannot be fitted in sunroof-equipped vehicle.

  • Replacement Headphones-sold singularly    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Replacement Headphones

    Replace lost or broken headphones with Hyundai genuine system headphones – designed to work seamlessly with the Hyundai audio and DVD system.

  • Replacement Remote-sold singularly    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Replacement Remote

    Additional remote controls for the on-board DVD player allow for easier operation from anywhere in the vehicle.


  • Tailored Carpet Floor Mats (set of 4)    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Carpet Floor Mats

    These carpet floor mats have been tailored to follow the exact contours of your i30cw. The Australian Woollen Testing Authority has approved these mats for durability, shrinkage, UV stability and colour-fastness. Rubber backing, plus the added safety of a driver's side locating clip, means they stay in place.

  • Dash Mat    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Dash Mat

    Moulded to the exact dimensions and contours of your i30cw’s dashtop, the dash mat fits easily with Velcro tabs, is UV-stabilised and will hold its shape without the need for hard backing.

  • Fabric Rear Bumper Protector    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Fabric Rear Bumper Protector

    Heavy or awkward loads are often slid rather than lifted in and out of the boot or cargo area. And it's your rear bumper and cargo lip which cop the punishment.Protection comes in the form of this easy-to-install, heavy-duty Fabric Rear Bumper Protector. Designed for minimal movement and quick installation, it features non-slip backing and simple Velcro fasteners. It also folds flat for easy storage.

  • Portable Cooler 12 volt, 15 litre    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Portable Cooler

    Ergonomically designed with space for 2.0 litre bottles, the cooler will help keep food and drink chilled and fresh for longer. It can be safely fitted to any seat using the retractable seat belts, and a fastening rail provides extra support during sudden braking.

    NOTE: 12 volt 15 litre. Only suitable for use with retractable seatbelt.


  • Cargo Barrier (DUAL POSITION)   -RRP$Loading, please wait...

    Cargo Barrier

    High-strength cargo barriers can prevent tools and cargo from making its way into the passenger cabin if you brake suddenly.

  • Cargo Liner    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Cargo Liner

    The tough but flexible cargo liner is custom designed to comfortably fit your i30cw’s boot space, and features a low-profile lip to help and contain spills.



Roof Racks & Lifestyle

  • Whispbar™ Quiet Roof Racks    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    spbar Quiet Roof Racks

    The Hyundai Genuine Whispbar™ Quiet roof racks not only look good, but their unique profile minimises aero-drag for improved fuel economy and reduced wind noise at highway speeds. All Hyundai roof racks provide maximum load carrying capacity for your i30cw and are tested to Australian Standards.

    NOTE: Roof rack load capacity = 75kg evenly distributed over 2 bars. Bike and roof mounted bike carrier shown not included.

  • Roof Mounted Bike Carrier    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Roof Mounted Bike Carrier

    Securely roof-mounting your bicycles frees up precious vehicle space and allows easy access to the boot, hatch or rear load area.

    NOTE: Bike shown not included, attachment requires fitment of Whispbar TM Quiet roof racks.

  • Thule Bike Rack (Wheel On)    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...


    Built by premium brand Thule, this lightweight, lockable bike carrier combines convenience with peace-of-mind. Aluminium frame and wheel holders automatically position the bicycle for optimum safety and accessibility, with your bike fixed in place using a single, easy-to-reach securing knob and quick-release wheel straps. The Thule bike carrier is ideal for both road bikes and mountain bikes up to 20kg.

    Note: Bike shown not included, requires fitment of Whispbar TM Quiet Roof Racks

  • Roof Mounted Kayak Holder    - RRP$Loading. please wait...

    Roof Mounted Kayak Holder

    Specifically designed for your i30cw, the rugged roof-mounted kayak carriers let you safely transport your kayak from your home to the water.

    NOTE: Kayak shown not included, requires fitment of Whispbar TM Quiet roof racks.

  • Ski & Snowboard Carrier    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Ski & Snowboard Carrier

    Aerodynamically designed, Hyundai Snow Pro ski carriers can help conserve fuel and reduce excessive wind noise. Able to hold up to three pairs of skis or two snowboards, secured by a double-lock function, it features a push-button release for easy access.

    NOTE: Snowboard shown not included, attachment requires fitment of Whispbar TM Quiet roof racks.

  • Surfboard Carrier    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Surfboard Carrier

    With a soft cradle to protect up to two boards, the Surfboard Carrier attaches easily to Hyundai Whispbar TM Quiet roof racks, so you can safely get your board from home to the coast on the roof of your i30cw.

    NOTE: Surfboard shown not included, attachment requires fitment of Whispbar TM Quiet roof racks.


  • First Aid Kit (4 Pockets)    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    First Aid Kit (4 Pockets)

    Convenient and comprehensive, 4-pocket first aid kit ensures that you’re well prepared to treat minor injuries when you’re out and about.

  • Rear Park Assist Module & Rear Park Assist Sensors* (4 head)    - RRP$ Loading. please wait...

    Reverse Park Assist* (4 head)

    Four ultrasonic sensors mounted in the rear bumper of your i30cw, are automatically activated when the vehicle is placed in reverse emitting a warning tone to alert you when objects are near.

    NOTE: Park assist sensors are designed as driver assist function only and should not be used as a substitute for skilled driving and safe parking practices. The area into which the vehicle is heading must be visually monitored by the driver while parking.