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Hyundai Safety

Drive to Survive

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It is a well documented fact that most drivers are taught by Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunt or friends. Some even fall into the self taught category with most novice drivers getting some last minute learner driving lessons to help pass the practical test. While this well intentioned practice might seem innocent enough, old habits related to outdated motor vehicle technology is still being passed on.
‘Drive to Survive’ was established in (1983) by Ian Luff. Structured around the core elements of – Driver, Vehicle, Environment, this innovative 8 hour – one day defensive driver training program has become the benchmark for post licence driver development and training courses.

“With advances in motor vehicle technology, new safety systems, refinement in ‘Drive to Survive’ deliverables, we created new training standards,” said Ian Luff.

‘Drive to Survive’ is Powered by Hyundai, this association goes back many years providing valued experiences for retail customers, fleet and Government departments, and the Hyundai Dealer Network.

Stewart Nicholls the Business Development Director of ‘Drive to Survive’ outlines the rationale why people should attend the program. “In the workplace any motor vehicle used as a tool of trade requires employers to provide a safe working environment. 

Without driver training being provided for employees/contractors, the employer could be proven negligent under Government workplace health and safety legislation. Apart from safety issues, reduced fleet running costs, accident/crash reduction are significant benefits.”
An integrated component of ‘Drive to Survive’ programs and Active Driver Safety on site workshops is driver/operator behaviour. Elements like driver fatigue is reviewed, discussed with attendees having collaborative input to problem solving. This way ownership of situations shifts from program facilitator to the group offering open discussion about how to create safer and successful outcomes.

‘Drive to Survive’ programs also highlight the changes in motor vehicle technology. With an emphasis of Hyundai’s 

5 star advanced safety features, drivers are exposed to classroom theory supported by practical demonstrations and hands on involvement. Stewart Nicholls said, “Our fleet of Hyundai vehicles provide a mobile classroom where program participants learn specialised car control skills in the safety of our private venue training centre.”
“ESC, electronic stability control is a safety feature that detects a drivers steering input. With rapid or aggressive steering, electronic sensors stabilize the vehicle by monitoring acceleration, automatically applying individual braking pressure to straighten the vehicle. Drivers attending the ‘Drive to Survive’ program always give positive feedback on Hyundai vehicles particularly ABS, anti-lock braking and ESC, electronic stability control,” claims Mr Nicholls.

Recently we had the privilege of hosting an exclusive ‘Drive to Survive’ Defensive Driver Training Program for a Sydney Hyundai Dealer. Invited guests were a cross section of valued customers who had the opportunity of experiencing Hyundai’s advanced safety technologies at the Ian Luff Safer Driving Academy, Sydney Dragway Eastern Creek.
What made this event so special were a husband and wife in their mid-nineties, Arthur and Sirenne. Both participated and said, “You’re never too old to learn.” Alfred was a fighter pilot in World War 2 and he likened fast reflexes to survival both in the air and on the road. Sirenne added, “I was especially impressed with Ian Luff and his team, their obvious expertise and demonstrations of correct driving techniques and the Hyundai handling and safety features.”

“All this was done with clear explanations and good humour.”

“I would like to add that I have driven many cars in my life, but Hyundai is my dream.”

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