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The Moment of Genesis

The impending arrival of the Genesis promises to be an event of an almost biblical scale for Hyundai Australia.

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Here is a car - a high-end, high-performance luxury one, at an affordable price - that will change the way the brand is seen, and appreciated, in this country forever.

For Hyundai, building the Genesis wasn’t simply a case of updating or reimagining an existing model, it was like giving life to a whole new kind of machine. 

The story of that genesis of the Genesis has now been told in a series of seven spectacularly filmed videos, available at

The documentary, which breaks the evolvement of Genesis down to seven days, and seven elements, gives simple, short summaries of what it is that makes this car so special to drive, or even just to sit in.

Day one, for example, focuses on The Skeleton and points out that the core technology of an automobile lies in the techniques within the body shell.

As the vision cleverly morphs between the shapely exterior and the steely skeleton beneath, we’re reminded that the Genesis uses unprecedented amounts of super high tensile steel to create a structure that’s stronger, safer and longer lasting.

The car’s joints - where those high-tensile bones meet up - were also reinforced as never before, to resist distortion, reduce vibration and noise and provide the kind of torsional stiffness that enhances driving ability, and enjoyment.

The strength of a car’s skeleton also plays a huge part in maximising occupant safety, and we get to see a graphic representation of some of the computer-aided design and extensive crash testing that went into the underpinnings of the Genesis.

The story then gradually unfolds through Heart (a video that looks like a Ridley Scott extravaganza, with a particularly great scene of the car being chased by what looks like dragon’s fire). The Heart is the engine block, of course, and the eight-speed automatic that helps deliver its power.
Day three is all about Muscle and touches on the Advanced Traction Control and the way that, during cornering, it applies the brakes to the inner wheels, while directing power to  the outer ones, for more muscular agility and control. It also points out that some of the musculature did its training here in Australia, with the suspension specifically tuned for our conditions.

Nerves is the next video, which features a car dodging lightning bolts in a dystopian landscape, and talks about the Genesis’s ingenious, and potentially life-saving Automatic Emergency Braking feature, as well as various other passive-safety systems.

Moving up the brain stem of the car, we get to Intelligence, which touches on clever electrical systems, like the Head-Up Display, Blind Spot Detection and the way the boot opens automatically for you when it senses a smart key in close proximity. 
Genesis 4
The Emotion the Genesis creates with the luxurious feel of its interior and the quality of its leather seats is next, before we finish with a video that features no voiceover whatsoever. It’s about the most ephemeral ingredient of a car, its Soul. This video needs no words, only stunning vision of the Genesis, both moving and being still. 

The fact is, you can tell if a car has Soul, just by looking at it. It’s the ultimate test of whether the designers have done their job; can a carefully crafted collection of steel, glass, timber and textiles make you actually feel something? And the Genesis most certainly does. It feels like the start of something new, and very special.