Welcome to the future.

Introducing Blue-Drive.

A future where our Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Fuel Cell vehicles contribute to a cleaner tomorrow. One in which future generations breathe more freely as vehicles use smarter, more sustainable technology and release fewer emissions.

Our Blue-Drive vision.

Our vision is to deliver innovative technologies that lead the pollution-free mobility era by providing fuel efficient, and technologically superior green vehicles. We call this vision: Blue-Drive.

Introducing our Blue-Drive range.

Introducing our IONIQ range.

IONIQ's uncompromising performance.

Engineered with the environment in mind, IONIQ is a purely genius combination of high-performance technology and stylish convenience with eco-credentials. One incredible car, delivered in three powertrains: Electric, Plug-in Hybrid or Hybrid, now’s a great time to drive green.

Introducing our IONIQ range.

Introducing our IONIQ range.

Discover the IONIQ and test drive the powertrain of your choice.

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Stay updated on Kona Electric.

The stylish Kona Electric

The ground-breaking KONA Electric is an uncompromising newcomer and the very first electric compact SUV in Australia. Bold, vibrant, roomy this SUV will take you 449kmR1 on a single charge.

Stay updated on Kona Electric.

Stay updated on Kona Electric.

Australia's first small 100% electric SUV is coming soon, stay tuned.

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Get the latest on NEXO.

NEXO, the next generation.

Representing the future of transportation, NEXO is a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, capable of an estimated 800kmR2 on a single tank, and with a refuelling time of just 5 minutes.

Get the latest on NEXO.

Get the latest on NEXO.

NEXO is class-leading fuel-cell technology.

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A partnership towards zero emissions.

Driving innovation through Blue-Drive, and delivering Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in and Fuel Cell vehicles that deliver impact is just one part of the story. We believe in the importance of driving change holistically, which is why we champion our partners in the automotive industry and the government to continue to work together towards zero emissions future for Australians and the world.

Hydrogen Mobility Australia

As a founding member, we're proud to be part of a society that strives to build upon clean and renewable energy technology.

Electric Vehicle Council

As the national body representing the electric vehicle industry in Australia, our partnership seeks to accelerate the electrification of all on-road vehicles.