Hyundai Motor Announced as Major Partner for 21st Biennale of Sydney, Australia.

  • Following a successful partnership in 2016, Hyundai Motor returns in 2018 to support Asia Pacific’s largest contemporary visual arts event
  • Partnership continues Hyundai’s global commitment to bringing immersive, creative experiences to people in all areas of the world
  • 70 artists from 30 countries will exhibit modern-art works including Abraham Cruzvillegas

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20 March 2018 – Hyundai Motor has been named as a major partner for the 21st Biennale of Sydney, Australia, following its previous support in 2016. It is the largest contemporary visual arts exhibition in Asia Pacific. The biennale (16 March - 11 June 2018) is expected to be a platform for Hyundai Motor to articulate its unwavering dedication to supporting global art communities. The exhibition will take place at seven iconic venues across Sydney such as the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Cockatoo Island and Sydney Opera House.

The 2018 biennale will feature 70 artists from 30 countries exhibiting works by renowned artists such as Ai Weiwei, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Ryan Gander and Haegue Yang, supervised by Mami Kataoka, chief curator at Mori Art Museum in Japan.

Under the theme of Superposition: Equilibrium & Engagement, the 21st Biennale of Sydney examines the world today by borrowing the word ‘superposition’ which state lies across all conceptual levels: from different climates, cultures to views of nature and cosmic orders, human history, and the state of art. The biennale tries to offer a panoramic view of how they all come together in a state of ‘equilibrium,’ and how these elements give rise to the next element through either a process of symbiosis or conflict and antagonism. 

The partnership is a demonstration of Hyundai’s global commitment to creating better access to art for the global community, and is one in a unique series of long-term relationships that Hyundai has established with leading art institutions around the world. Hyundai Motor has also initiated partnerships with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea (MMCA), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and Tate Modern in the United Kingdom. 

“The biennale will offer opportunities to experience the various interests and discourses of our society,” Won Hong Cho, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor said. “Hyundai Motor hopes that our continuing support and cultural activities can contribute to making people's lives more valuable and insightful.” 

“In 2018, we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Biennale of Sydney, one of the most respected contemporary art events in the Asia Pacific region. Visitors will experience more than 300 remarkable contemporary artworks across seven locations, curated by Artistic Director Mami Kataoka,” Jo-Anne Birnie-Danzker, Director and CEO of the Biennale of Sydney, added. “The 21st Biennale of Sydney promises to be a compelling exploration of the most urgent issues of our day through the eyes of exceptional international and Australian artists.” 

Hyundai Motor’s art initiatives has been continuing since 2014, through partnerships with prominent art museums such as MMCA(Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea), Tate Modern, and LACMA(LA County Museum of Art). With MMCA, Hyundai Motor’s ‘MMCA Hyundai Motor Series’ offers a decade-long platform along with international forums, archives, and publishing for Korean artists. LACMA’s ‘Art + Technology’ is continuing to show exhibitions and projects by artists that examine the field of art+technology. At Tate Modern in London, the ‘Hyundai Commission’ selects one artist each year to exhibit commissioned projects at the Turbine Hall.