Hyundai Auto Link Premium.

Hyundai Auto Link Premium.

Hyundai Auto Link Premium, is a smartphone app that allows you to stay connected to your Highlander variant.

It works by using a pre-installed module that connects the cars' computer to your mobile phone. Hyundai Auto Link Premium offers all the benefits of Bluetooth, with a pack of exclusive features that gives you the ultimate control over your vehicle. Explore Hyundai Auto Link Premium below, to find out how you can maximise your Highlander experience.

The latest version is now available in app stores.

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Features and benefits.

Owner driving analysis (driving habits, scores) Provides fuel level and efficiency
Alerts Roadside Assistance in car breakdown Allows remote engine start from smartphone
Sends emergency alert messages upon a crash Provides service bookings at your fingertips
Logs private and business trip stats for record keeping Tyre pressure and battery status
Remote access to doors and climate control Tracks driving and refueling history

As always, safety is at the heart.

Accident assist.
Know the right steps to take at the scene of an accident. With one tap view all the data needed to claim insurance.

Emergency assist.
As soon as emergency bags are deployed, your device will alert your family and friends to contact you. Customise your emergency setting to send automated SMS alerts to your chosen contacts+.

Subscription updates.

You will receive the first 12 months of features as part of the purchase of the new Santa Fe Highlander.
When servicing with Hyundai, you will automatically receive annual Hyundai Auto Link Premium updates. However, if you choose not to service with the Hyundai, you can pay a small monthly subscription and continue to receive these services.

Hyundai Auto Link promotions.

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Hyundai Auto Link Challenge.

In an attempt to determine the best driver, we pitted three Hyundai Auto Link Drivers from different generations, against each other. Watch the six episodes below to see who was crowned champion.

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We asked owners what they think about Hyundai Auto Link.

Hyundai Auto Link feature comparison.

Features Bluetooth SIM (Premium)
Owner driving analysis (driving habits, scores)
Eco driving (fuel efficiency rating, consumption) improvement status
CO2 emission improvement status (g/km)
Safe driving (rapid acceleration/hard braking) improvement status
Driving history (trip distance, travel time)
Vehicle health check (report on faults detected by type, time, date)
Tyre pressure and battery status
Refueling history (refuel location, time, cost) -
Real-time weather (based on vehicle location) -
Display of Hyundai Dealer Network (select preferred dealer)
Access Customer Care (user view FAQs)
Log private and business trips for record keeping purposes
Instant search (latest and pre-owned Hyundai vehicles at preferred dealer)
Vehicle's parked location on map (based on GPS)
Vehicle's parking time alert notification
Fuel finder (locate cheapest fuel closest to location, receive fuel discounts) -
Emergency assist (send alert messages to Customer Care or family/friends)
Accident assist (keep log of data during accident to claim insurance)
Scheduled service (due/overdue) alert
Automatic RSA alert (send location in case of a breakdown)
Geo-fencing alert -
Set guard (theft control) mode -
Valet alert -
Social sharing (best trips with family/friends on social media
Share vehicle location to family/friends
Remote Control
Remote engine (on/off) start -
Remote door (lock/unlock) control -
Remote warning lights (hazard) control -
Remote horn control -
Remote climate (including defroster) control -

• = Feature is available       - = Feature is not available

Hyundai Auto Link guides.

  • User guide.

    User guide.

    We’ve put together a comprehensive User Guide, so you can see exactly how to set up and get the most out of Hyundai Auto Link. The User Guide is the first place to go if you want to learn more before downloading the app, or need specific details on the features and settings.

  • FAQ's.


    We get asked lots of questions, so here are the most common ones and all of the answers for you.

  • Device compatibility guide.

    Device compatibility guide.

    We offer the app for both iOS and Android smartphones. The operation of the app can be influenced by the operating system on your smartphone and also the Bluetooth version. So we’ve attached a guide of compatible devices to help out. We’ll keep adding to it as new smartphones and software becomes available.
    See iOS guide > See Android guide >

Hyundai Auto Link terms.

~In order to use this App to receive the Hyundai Auto Link Service, you will need a compatible mobile device such as a smartphone. You shall be solely responsible for the costs of supplying, maintaining and operating your mobile device, including telecommunications costs. Your telecommunications service provider may charge you fees to access or transmit data. You are responsible for any fees that you incur in connection with your use of this App (including when updating the hardware, firmware and software, both in your Vehicle and the App). Contact your telecommunications service provider for more information regarding data rates and fees. The proper operation of the Hyundai Auto Link Service may be affected by the settings (including settings relating to location services), configuration or features of your mobile device, and by the coverage or quality of the telecommunications services that you have purchased in conjunction with your mobile device. We are not responsible for any limitations, restrictions, features or effects of your mobile device or the relevant telecommunications services.

^You must not use your mobile device or the Hyundai Auto Link App while driving.

+Not all Hyundai Auto Link services are available everywhere, particularly in remote or enclosed areas, or on all vehicles, at all times. The operation of the location services may be affected by your location, activation or deactivation of location services on your mobile device, and the services provided by your telecommunications service provider. Some Hyundai Auto Link services may not be fully available if the GPS system or other mobile device features are not working.

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