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Certified Pre owned

Certified Pre owned

Total Peace of Mind

When you drive away in a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, you are assured it is less than three years old, has been thoroughly tested and comes with an unprecedented array of warranties and benefits.

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Certified Pre-Owned

To purchase one of our Certified Pre-Owned or ex-demo models, find the nearest Hyundai dealership to you by entering your state, suburb or postcode below.

Guaranteed Mileage & Vehicle Check

Buying a pre-owned vehicle has historically been fraught with risks. Not with us. With Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, we guaranteed that the odometer indicates the real distance travelled, and our comprehensive vehicle history and title check means you know exactly what you’re driving away with.

Balance Of New 5-Year Hyundai Warranty

We’re so confident of the quality of our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, that we back them with the balance of their original 5-year unlimited KM warranty. As each vehicle is less than three years old, you’ll be protected against mechanical failures and breakdowns for at least two years.

12 months’ Hyundai Roadside Assist

Anyone can lose their keys, run out of petrol, leave the lights on and need a jump-start or get a flat tyre… So it’s good to know that Hyundai Roadside Assist is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And even better to know that, for the first year, it’s free.

myHyundai Membership

When you purchase a Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, you will receive the same benefits and support as someone buying a new Hyundai. This includes access to myHyundai, our exclusive owner site that features service information, driving tips, maintenance advice, exclusive offers and much more.

Over 100 Points Checked

Initial vehicle checks

1. Confirm Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

2. Confirm engine number

3. Confirm compliance plate and self voiding label

4. Check outstanding recalls and service campaigns

5. Check Hyundai Global Diagnostic System (GDS)

6. Complete Hyundai service passbook and warranty confirmation inspection

7. Confirm owner’s manual/audio handbook and radio pin code

8. Confirm vehicle is not recorded as a repairable write off or has finance owing

9. Check key, key pads, remotes, jack, tools and safety equipment*

10. List and check condition of all genuine accessories

Vehicle Body visually inspected and checked

11. All body panels for corrosion

12. For accident damage on all body panels

13. Exterior door handles and locks

14. Smart key operation*

15. Door strikers, latches and child safety locks

16. Windscreen and glass for scratches or cracks

17. Sun roof cavity, seals and rails

18. Aerial operation

19. Fuel cap and operation of fuel flap and emergency release

Interior visually inspected, adjusted and checked

20. Operation of all seats

21. Operation of all seat belts

22. Fitment of child seat anchor points

23. Seat trims, padding and support

24. Internal trims including dash, doors, carpet and roof lining

25. Manual/power door locks and boot release

26. Power window operation

27. Power mirror operation including folding

28. Sun roof operation

29. All switches knobs and dials

30. Operation of interior lights in all modes (door/on/off)

31. Operation of all exterior lights

32. Headlight operation and alignment

33. Dusk sensing headlight operation*

34. Operation of all instrument lights

35. Operation of all safety and warning lights ABS/SRS/ESC etc

36. Operation of 12v sockets and iPod/USB connections

37. Operation of gauges and clock

38. Rear demister operation

39. Window wipers and washers including rain sensing

40. Horn operation

41. Steering reach and tilt operation

42. Radio operation and reception

43. Ignition key and interlock operation

44. Parking brake operation

Engine Compartment visually inspected, adjusted and checked

45. Engine noise

46. All fluid levels and adjusted or replaced as required

47. Fluid leaks

48. Engine mounts

49. Emission controls

50. Battery cable, connections, mounting and fluid levels

51. Perform battery/alternator analysis with Hyundai battery tester

52. All engine drive belts and pulleys

53. Radiator, perform system pressure test

54. Cooling systems hoses, seals and clamps

55. Coolant concentration and fan operation

56. All pipes and hoses

57. Ignition system

58. Fuel system

59. Timing belt*

60. Fumes and smoke

Tyres/Wheel/Brakes visually inspected, adjusted and checked

61. All tyres including the spare

62. All wheel rims

63. Front and rear brake pads, linings and report condition %

64. Wheel cylinders*

65. Condition of the brake discs or drums*

66. Brake master cylinder, booster, hoses and pipe

67. Parking brake components

68. Park brake operation and adjustment

Suspension & Steering visually inspected, adjusted and checked

69. All ball joints, controls arms, bushes and mountings

70. Steering and free play

71. Front suspension components

72. Rear suspension components

73. Shock absorbers/struts

74. Condition of the driveshaft boots*

75. Driveshaft and C.V.s*

76. Front and rear wheel bearings

77. Front and rear wheel alignment

Underbody visually inspected, adjusted and checked

78. Frames, members and panels

79. Exhaust system and mountings

80. Fuel tank, hoses, pipes and connections

81. Drivetrain underside for fluid leaks

82. Tail shaft and universal joint

83. Security of all underbody protection panels and trims

Test Drive check

84. Ease of start

85. Inhibitor switch operation and brake/clutch*

86. Inhibitor switch operation and brake/clutch*

87. Clutch pedal operation*

88. Engine idle with load on/off

89. Accelerator pedal operation

90. Engine noises

91. Exhaust smoke

92. Transmission and gear shift operation

93. Steering, wheel alignment and balance

94. Ride and handling

95. Brake operation and hill start assist*

96. Warning light and gauge operation

97. ABS, ESP and Traction Control operation

98. Speedo, odometer and tripmeter operation

99. Cruise control operation*

100. Air-conditioning and heater operation

101. Additional features specific to this model

*If fitted to this vehicle