Specially made for Australian roads.

Our Australian Tuned Suspension program delivers dynamic and comfortable cars, specially tuned to meet
Australia’s on road conditions.

Tailored Australian tuning.

At Hyundai, we believe in delivering a dynamic and comfortable car for all Australians. It’s for this reason that we invest in a dedicated Australian team of engineers, experts & developers who tune all our vehicles to meet the undulating, corrugating and unexpected conditions we all experience on Australian roads.

Australian roads are unique.

From the bitumen to the bush and everything in between, Australian drivers experience a variety of road conditions as part of their daily commute. It is for this reason that we see importance in tuning our vehicles to our local conditions. After all, a vehicle that’s been customised to our surfaces and terrain provides a smoother, safer and superior drive every time.

Our cars are localised.

Prior to the release of a new model, our Australian specialists receive prototype models, which are extensively tested and refined in partnership with technicians and engineers globally. Only after this testing and comprehensive refinement to deliver comfortable body control, tyre contact, handling, safety and more, do our cars go into production for Australia.

The testing process.

A collaboration between engineers, technicians, product planners and test drivers which involves global and local teams working together to deliver the most comfortable and dynamic driving experience. It’s a journey that starts with pre-production vehicles abroad and ends with dynamic tuned vehicles locally.

  • A prototype is announced.

    A prototype is announced.

  • Local market defines its needs.

    Local market defines its needs.

  • Pre-production vehicle is supplied.

    Pre-production vehicle is supplied.

  • Production vehicles arrive.

    Production vehicles arrive.