Locally tuned.

Tested and tuned in Australia.

In an ideal world, every road would be as smooth as a racetrack. But in the very real, rugged and varied world of Australian roads, a one-size-fits-all approach to handling and suspension really wouldn’t cut it.

Which is why we put every new Hyundai though extensive and punishing schedules of testing in every imaginable condition, to ensure they are totally prepared to deal with everything Australia has in store for them.

What we did to Sonata.

Between January and June 2014 the All New Sonata was subjected to 114 days of rigorous testing over hundreds of thousands of kilometres – from freeways to outback gravel roads – in temperatures of up to 45 degrees.

After 50,000 kilometres, our engineering teams – from both Korea and Australia – analysed and revised the rear springs.

Then we went back out for another 50,000 kilometres. The chassis, suspension and engine had no problems dealing with the harsh conditions, but sensors, air intakes, suspension and software required improvements and developments.

The rest of the testing period proved that these adaptations were more than capable of taking on Australia – and, indeed, the rest of the world. They are now standard across All New Sonata globally.