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No short cuts to safety.

At Hyundai, there are no compromises when it comes to safety. All our vehicles are created using the most advanced technology to ensure passengers will get the optimum protection in any situation.

NTNP Safety

Perfecting Every Aspect
Whether it’s a comprehensive system of airbags, the use of ultra high-tensile steel in safety-critical areas, or the relentless testing and data analysis that go into perfecting every aspect of the vehicle’s performance, every Hyundai passes our safety tests with flying colours. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t let you drive in them. It's no surprise that Genesis has been awarded the highest ANCAP crash test safety rating score ever – and, after you watch the following videos, you’ll know why. 

Look Forward to Reversing
The rear-view camera activates when reverse is selected, so you can see where you’re going on the LCD multimedia screen. Four rear-mounted sensors help to keep you on track, resulting in perfect parking every time.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

If you have to suddenly slam on your brakes, ESS will make your brake lights flash to give following traffic more warning. If you come to a complete stop, the hazard lights will flash – until you start to accelerate again.

Hold Steady
The Auto Hold function available in Premium variants automatically holds the brakes steady once the vehicle has come to a complete stop, so it won’t creep forward or roll backward should you take your foot off the brake pedal.

Nothing Gets Overlooked
Some of our Premium variants feature an additional front parking assist system, ensuring that low obstacles surrounding the front of the vehicle that would otherwise be obscured can be detected.

No More Rolling
Hill starts can be pretty hairy. Hill Start Assist holds the vehicle temporarily when you take your foot off the brake to give you extra time to apply the accelerator, and drive off without rollback.

Vehicle Stability Management System (VSM)
You could be driving along happily, when, all of a sudden, the vehicle starts to skid away from your intended direction. VSM is designed to detect this and apply corrective steering pressure to help you regain control.

High-tensile Aussie steel
Look beyond outer beauty of your Hyundai and you’ll find a heart of steel. High-tensile Australian steel. Smashed and battered in thousands of tests to ensure you and your passengers will be protected in the event of a real crash.

Front seat pre-tensioners
That slight resistance you get when doing your seat belt up is really a good thing. It shows the pre-tensioners are working. In the event of a crash, your belt will lock in milliseconds, keeping you as safe as possible.

Precious Cargo
Child seats, pods and boosters are an integral part of family travel. The ISOFIX locking system rigidly attaches these devices to the body of the car, making it quick and easy to fit and release compatible models. A top tether anchorage strap is required.

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