Eco friendly motoring.

We're raising the bar.

Raising the bar for lowering pollution.

As the auto industry moves towards a greener future, our scientists at Hyundai’s Eco-Technology Research Institute are leading the way. Developing new initiatives to lower air pollution from exhaust emissions. More efficient electric-motor systems. And improved sustainability when it comes to our raw material sourcing, manufacturing and recycling.

One platform. Every technology.
Introducing IONIQ.

  • <center>Electric power helps you go <br>further on a litre.</center>

    Electric power helps you go
    further on a litre.

  • <center>Charge from home or work. <br/>Never stop for petrol.</center>

    Charge from home or work.
    Never stop for petrol.

  • <center>Electric when you want it. <br/>Petrol when you need it.</center>

    Electric when you want it.
    Petrol when you need it.

IONIQ technology.

  • Hybrid.


    The starting point for eco-friendly motoring, Hybrid Electric vehicles offer reduced harmful gas emissions and improved fuel efficiency through the simultaneous use of an engine and motor. Hybrid vehicles use an electric motor (not engine) during ignition. When accelerating, the car uses power from both the engine and motor. When decelerating, the electric battery is recharged through the brake system, which converts kinetic energy into electric.

  • Plug-in Hybrid.

    Plug-in Hybrid.

    The Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is a more efficient green car for longer distance performance. You still get the fuel efficiency and emissions benefits of a convention Hybrid, but with the added advantage of external electronic charging. Our vehicles feature a unique on-board charger and port that converts AC power to DC so you can charge your car anywhere using a normal household socket.

  • Electric.


    The first true zero emission cars that are designed for daily travel. Impressively, IONIQ Electric vehicles offer up to a week’s worth of commuting on a single charge. Best of all, no fuel stops or oil checks. Charging times depend on your outlet. From 45 min using a DC fast-charging source, to just over four hours for a special charging system you can install at home. Or you can use the adaptor to charge your car in 12 hours from any standard household socket.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen, the ultimate energy source.

Hydrogen fuel cells can be constantly sourced, emit nothing but pure water and offer high fuel efficiency and an ultra-quick refuelling time of five minutes. 

As the first company to mass produce a hydrogen-powered electric vehicle, we’re an official member of the global Hydrogen Council and are working with government to develop the necessary charging infrastructure. It’s all part of our belief that the future of motoring lies in hydrogen fuel cells.

  • 1. The hydrogen fuel stored in its tank is supplied to the fuel cell stack.

  • 2. Inflow of air is supplied to the fuel cell stack.

  • 3. The reaction of air and hydrogen in the fuel cell stack generates electricity and water.

  • 4. The electricity generated is supplied to the motor and battery.

  • 5. What comes out after all of this?

    Pure water.

Hyrdogen, creator of potential.



NEXO. The next-generation
fuel cell vehicle.

Welcome to next-level motoring. Sporting a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell system, the NEXO delivers an estimated 800km on a single tank, and takes just five minutes to refuel – making it ideal for both everyday and long-distance travel. 

Its eco-friendly credentials also extend to the interior, where every touchable surface is made from bio-materials - and 20% less CO2.

*Not currently available in Australia, a NEXO fleet is being trialled by the government and CSIRO in the hope this leads to more advanced hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

  • Class-leading comfort, seamless connectivity

    Class-leading comfort, seamless connectivity

    NEXOs interior integrates cutting-edge technology with purist design principles. An expansive integrated display creates a digital dashboard-based driving environment.

  • Advanced aerodynamics.

    Advanced aerodynamics.

    The sleek elegance of NEXO’s exterior has been carefully optimised for efficiency with multiple aerodynamic features that create the best fuel economy possible.

  • Hyundai SmartSense™.

    Hyundai SmartSense™.

    Hyundai SmartSense™, our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) represent a significant step-forward in safety and peace of mind. New technologies include self-parking and lane following features.


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