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Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
November 2018
Check out the latest Hyundai articles from 2018! Find out more here!
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Hyundai CarPlan
Class style: offers-style
The smarter way to finance your new Hyundai.
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Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Hyundai Help for Kids - An Ace day out
Class style: community-style
Hyundai Help for Kids provides special Brisbane Lions game-day experience for young hero.
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Hyundai Auto Link - 4c per litre off your fuel at Caltex
Class style: offers-style
With Hyundai Auto Link you now save 4c per litre off your fuel at Caltex and it is available to all Hyundai Auto Link app users.
3. Steven Taylor
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
New Foreign Stars to Watch in the Hyundai A-League this Season
Class style: sport-style
There will be plenty of interest in some star Hyundai A-League recruits in the 2018-19 season.
1. online booking
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Benefits of Hyundai Servicing Online Booking
Class style: onroad-style
At Hyundai we don’t just want you to love your vehicle, we want you to love the experience of being a Hyundai owner. Our online booking service is designed to make your life easier than ever before.
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Modern Family: Australia’s Newest SUV Range
Class style: vehicles-style
Explore the features and technology that's packed into our SUV line-up.
1. Header
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Why Hyundai? 8 Facts About Your Favourite Motor Company
Class style: owners-style
Hyundai service extends far beyond the showroom. In fact when you buy a Hyundai you’re not just buying the car, you’re joining the Hyundai family.
1. Header Le Fil rouge
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Le Fil Rouge: Hyundai’s Latest Concept Vehicle
Class style: designinnov-style
A concept car is a vehicle made to showcase new styling and technology. More often than not, they don’t make it past the concept stage.
1. tks-header
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Electric Vehicle: The Future of Mobility
Class style: vehicles-style
Everyone wants change, but not everyone makes it. That’s why we’ve taken the future of mobility in our hands to produce the next generation of eco-friendly motoring. We’re developing eco-friendly cars ...

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