Amazing should be standard. That’s what we believe – and nothing demonstrates that better than our ownership benefit program Hyundai iCare, which took out the 2015 Canstar Blue Award for Innovation Excellence. What innovative idea is iCare built on? That extended warranties, Lifetime Service Plans, complimentary map updates and Roadside Assistance shouldn’t be promotional features – they should be included with every single car.

And because every new Hyundai is built to the highest standards and tested in the most extreme conditions, we’ve got the confidence to do just that. So when you purchase a Hyundai, you automatically qualify for the on-the-road support of iCare. It’s that simple. Here’s what that means for you:

A 5 year, unlimited kilometre warranty – in fact, we were the first car company in Australia to offer it on all our cars.

Our Lifetime Service Plan – which locks in absolutely transparent standard service pricing for the lifetime of your Hyundai.

10 Years of Roadside Assistance – with every standard annual service. And if you’re unlucky enough to lock yourself out of your car, run your battery down or have a flat tyre, our Roadside Assist has you covered there too.

Complimentary map updates for your SatNav – when you come in for a service at a Hyundai Service Centre. This ensures your SatNav’s knowledge of roads and landmarks stays as sharp as your Hyundai’s performance.

That’s what standard on-the-road care means to us: total reassurance of quality and reliability, and comprehensive customer service – with absolutely no exceptions.

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Don't worry, drive happy.

When you drive away in your new Hyundai, it’s just the start of a brilliant journey. From your complimentary first service at 1,5000 km, Hyundai offers Australia’s highest levels of ongoing support
and care in our iCare program.


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