We’re big. Bigger than you probably expect. In fact, we’re the 4th largest car manufacturer in the world.

As you might imagine, that makes for a large operation – which is why you can find the Hyundai name on everything from microchips to super tankers, why we operate the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing plant and why we’re the only car company in the world to have our own steel mills.

We actually have three of them – enabling us to make the best possible steel with raw materials sourced from Australia’s backyard. We do this because we know the best steel makes for the strongest cars.

Surprised by our size? Many are. Since 2005, there have been many reports calling us one of the fastest growing car brands (both in Australia and across the world) – which helped us break into Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Top 40 in 2014.

For us, success is defined by bringing quality and innovation to everyday motoring – which is why we recruited the finest engineers and designers working in Seoul, Frankfurt and Los Angeles, and invest billions of dollars into research and development each year.

Every time you put your foot down on the accelerator of a Hyundai, you’re tapping into the dynamic energy of a global powerhouse – and the ingenuity of our insatiably curious and profoundly talented designers and technicians.

Big today. Bigger tomorrow.

In the almost 50 years since Hyundai’s emergence, we’ve grown to employ more than 75,000 people – making us South Korea’s second largest corporation.

To get there, we created the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility (where we build cars from start to finish) in our home city of Ulsan – and it’s now able to produce 1.6 million vehicles every year.

Now, our Ulsan facility is joined by others in the United States, China, India, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Brazil and Russia – allowing us to offer manufacturing positions to talented workers all over the world.

We’ve come a long way – but we’ve got even further to go.

Big goals, big responsibility.

We’re growing bigger each year – and that means our impact on the world grows each year too.

That’s why we created our Eco-Technology Research Institute, where we’ve consolidated our research into environmentally sustainable technology and processes – including product development, manufacturing, and vehicle end-of-life processes.

But we know the key to sustainability isn’t just planning for the future – we have to change how we operate now. We recently installed a large-scale solar system over the 213,000 square-metre roof of our Asan manufacturing plant in South Korea, which has reduced our CO2 emissions by 5,600 tons a year (that’s the equivalent of planting 1,120,000 pine trees) – and that’s just one small step in our grand plan to reduce our emissions.

Hyundai Asan Solar Factory

For us, green technologies and processes aren’t marketing bullet points – they’re urgent, they’re vital and they’re putting us ahead of the game.

95% Recyclability.

Our considered approach to brave thinking applies to our environmental strategy, too. And what’s the fastest way to reduce our effect on the environment? Simple. We make our cars recyclable – and it’s our goal to be able to recycle 95% of each Hyundai very soon.

The metals that account for more than 70% of a vehicle’s weight are already actively recycled – so what about the other 30%? We’re looking at the plastics. We’ve already figured out how to recycle engine undercovers, radiator shrouds and battery trays – and we’re well on our way to applying this “Design for Recycling” philosophy to many other parts of our cars.

It’s better for the environment, better for our business, and undeniable proof that our appetite for breaking new ground is benefiting everyone.


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