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Like Hyundai itself, our home country of South Korea is only half a century young. And with that youth comes a contemporary, unstoppably innovative culture that still influences how Hyundai operates today.

That culture pushed South Korea to lead the world in mobile technology (it currently boasts the world’s fastest internet connection speeds), to become the first Asian country to chair the G20, and to claim the coveted Bloomberg Rankings title of Most Innovative Country in the World in 2014.

Since we experienced South Korea’s growth and success first-hand, we know the importance of the young and the ambitious – and we know how to spot them. That’s why we’ve been supporting the Australian Soccer Association (now the Football Federation of Australia) from the very beginning, and why we became the founder and naming rights sponsor of the Hyundai A-League.

When the Hyundai A-League kicked off, it wasn’t traditionally ‘Australian’ – but it would go on to make football Australian. Now, Hyundai A-League is the fastest growing sporting code in Australia – and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Because like us, Hyundai A-League is young… but with our help, it’s also unstoppable.

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