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Issue:  Issue 02 - 2019
Soon, you’ll be able to open and start your car with your smartphoneClass style: designinnov-style
Hyundai’s new Digital Key technology is set to make our lives even easier.
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Issue:  Issue 01 - 2019
The Future is now with Hyundai.
Class style: designinnov-style
Check out these Innovative technologies that Hyundai has recently revealed!
1. Header Le Fil rouge
Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Le Fil Rouge: Hyundai’s Latest Concept Vehicle
Class style: designinnov-style
A concept car is a vehicle made to showcase new styling and technology. More often than not, they don’t make it past the concept stage.
Issue:  Issue 02 - 2018
Hyundai Auto Link Driving Challenges.
Class style: designinnov-style
Our recent series of driving challenges was a great success and gave us fascinating insights into the safe and economical driving habits of Hyundai drivers.
Issue:  Issue 02 - 2018
Help us achieve our goal of donating $15,000 with You Drive. We Donate.
Class style: designinnov-style
At Hyundai, we’re inviting you to join other Hyundai drivers in supporting Aussie kids and their families – just by driving economically.

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