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Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Hyundai CarPlanClass style: offers-style
The smarter way to finance your new Hyundai.
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Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Why Hyundai? 8 Facts About Your Favourite Motor Company
Class style: owners-style
Hyundai service extends far beyond the showroom. In fact when you buy a Hyundai you’re not just buying the car, you’re joining the Hyundai family.
Issue:  Issue 02 - 2018
The flexibility of Hyundai pre-paid servicing.
Class style: owners-style
For years, we’ve done everything we can to ensure owning a Hyundai is an easy, enjoyable experience. It’s one of the reasons we created the Pre-Paid Service Plan. Because in a world of uncertainty, ...
Issue:  Issue 01 -2018
Selling vs. Trade-in: The Pros and Cons
Class style: owners-style
Should I trade in my used car at a dealership or sell it myself?
Issue:  Issue 3 - 2017
Hyundai Powers to Major Award Wins
Class style: owners-style
The awards keep coming! See why Hyundai buyers are happiest and the new generation i30 SR has gone straight to the top of its class.
Issue:  Issue 1 - 2017
Get a Service, Win a Service!
Class style: owners-style
Complete service at your local Hyundai Dealer and you'll be in the running to win your next service FREE!
Issue:  Issue 1 - 2017
How to Get the Best Deal on Your Trade-In
Class style: owners-style
Let’s have a look at how to get the best possible deal on your trade-in...
Great Ocean Road
Issue:  Issue 01 - 2016
5 Roads You Must Drive in Your Lifetime
Class style: onroad-style
5 Roads You Must Drive in Your Lifetime

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