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Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Modern Family: Australia’s Newest SUV RangeClass style: vehicles-style
Explore the features and technology that's packed into our SUV line-up.
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Issue:  Issue 03 - 2018
Electric Vehicle: The Future of Mobility
Class style: vehicles-style
Everyone wants change, but not everyone makes it. That’s why we’ve taken the future of mobility in our hands to produce the next generation of eco-friendly motoring. We’re developing eco-friendly cars ...
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Issue:  Issue 02 - 2018
The i30 N: Hyundai’s award-winning high-performance car.
Class style: vehicles-style
Hyundai’s first true high-performance car, the i30 N, is redefining how the world views our vehicles.
Issue:  Issue 02 - 2018
The new Santa Fe has arrived.
Class style: vehicles-style
Bold, rugged and elegant - Santa Fe is your family SUV.
Issue:  Issue 01 -2018
Hyundai i30 N
Class style: vehicles-style
After years of careful development and growing anticipation, Hyundai’s first high-performance car under the N line-up has arrived!
Issue:  Issue 3 - 2017
i30 N TCR takes pole position and TCR Europe Trophy race win
Class style: vehicles-style
Driver Gabriele Tarquini steered the i30 N TCR to a great victory for Hyundai Motorsport at Adria International Raceway. Discover the race highlights here.
Issue:  Issue 3 - 2017
New KONA – way more fun than your car
Class style: vehicles-style
Hyundai's newest small SUV, KONA, is as energetic and individual as you are. See how to style it your way for a more vibrant life.
Issue:  Issue 2 - 2017
Meet the man behind the all new i30
Class style: vehicles-style
What do you do after you’ve won Australia’s Best Cars award six times? You start again. Meet Thomas Buerkle, the man behind the Reinvented i30.
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Issue:  Issue 1 - 2017
The Next-Generation i30
Class style: vehicles-style
Set for launch in Australia in 2017, Hyundai’s Next-Generation i30 is already turning heads.

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