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Four Weeks to Warrior

Four Weeks to Warrior

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Hyundai follows four fitness gurus as they embark on their latest adventure, spartan race, with just four weeks of preparation. proving that new thinking leads to new possibilities, bergman, chambers, cheadle and fleming share fitness tips, advice, and their spartan-approved training program, four weeks to warrior.

Preparing for an adventure race is a lot like preparing for any sporting activity. You have to lay the groundwork and train to build up your physical requirements so you’re in peak competition condition.

Sports enthusiasts know you can’t just rock up to the first game of the year and expect to perform the same as you did in the last game the season before, without putting in any work. Your body has been resting, and your muscular and aerobic condition just isn’t ‘game ready’. You can still play – you just might need a few stints on the bench.

It’s pretty much the same with preparing for an adventure race. You need to put in the work to make sure you don’t get injured, can physically last the distance and complete each obstacle. Sure, you can show up, take it on and make it through, but who wants to be doing a 20-burpee penalty when you can dominate the obstacle instead?

Four weeks to warrior 2

So what can you do when you’re not quite in peak condition, it’s four weeks out from Spartan (or any other adventure race) and you’re busting to join in? Just take the plunge.

Four Weeks to Warrior will help to build your strength, stability and fitness, ensuring you’re fully equipped to tackle each obstacle and cross that finish line in just four weeks.

Demonstrating the enjoyment in going off-road, our trainers show us how the exercises below can be pulled together for not only a killer outdoor workout, but for a four-week training program, designed to whip you into Strong + Beautiful Spartan-shape.