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myHyundai News Issue 03

Welcome to the final myHyundai News of 2016! As we head into the Christmas period, it’s more important than ever that your Hyundai is fully prepared for the road. Check out our 10-holiday servicing tips to ensure you stay safe on the roads this holiday season.

The Hyundai A-League 2016-17 season is well under way and the goals have been flowing – which has put us in the mood to look back at some of the great strikers our game has witnessed. We select the top 5 strikers in A-League history – see if you agree, and while you’re at it, you could win a double pass to watch your favourite club in action!

We’re also giving away 10 yearly subscriptions to Digital Photography magazine – and, for good measure, we’ve thrown in our top hints for taking better smartphone snaps. All that and more offers, competitions and stories for you to get stuck into – enjoy!


Featured Articles.

Category:  Lifestyle
10 Best Christmas Movies of All TimeClass style: lifestyle-style
Ten movies to enjoy this Christmas.
Category:  Lifestyle
7 Tips for Taking Better Smartphone Pics
Class style: lifestyle-style
Learn the top tips and tricks for better smartphone photography and be in the running to win a FREE yearly subscription to Digital Photography magazine!
Category:  Lifestyle
How to Build an Empire Part 2
Class style: lifestyle-style
Hyundai 30th Anniversary Special
Category:  Hyundai Safety
Is Your Hyundai Ready for the Festive Season?
Class style: safety-style
Get your Hyundai ready for the open road.
Category:  Sport
The 5 Best Strikers in Hyundai A-League History
Class style: sport-style
Counting down the top 5 Strikers throughout Hyundai A-League History.
Category:  Community
The joy of helping
Class style: community-style
Hyundai Help for Kids passed another significant milestone in 2016. The inspirational program contributed more than $1.33m to an increased number of organisations helping Australian children in need.


Our support to the community.

st13-Image 1
Category:  Community
2018 Was a Year of Magic Moments with Hyundai Help for Kids.Class style: community-style
It’s easy to measure charitable success in dollars and numbers, but when it comes to fundraising efforts, often it’s the moments of magic that matter the most.
enews-HH4K header
Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids - An Ace day out
Class style: community-style
Hyundai Help for Kids provides special Brisbane Lions game-day experience for young hero.
Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids: In for the long haul.
Class style: community-style
Hyundai Help for Kids joins tireless efforts to raise funds across the country.
Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids News
Class style: community-style
There've been lots happening at Hyundai Help for Kids with some money can’t buy experiences that resulted in plenty of smiles all-round.

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