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Hyundai Envisions Home and Car as Single Entity

A bold vision for the future in which garage spaces, living spaces and mobile spaces converge into a complete unit.

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For as long as both have been a part of our world, the home and the car have led distinctly independent existences. They are integral to our lives, yet aside from a dedicated parking spot included in the design of our homes, the two have shared little in common.

That could change in the future, however, with a concept unveiled by Hyundai at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, held in Las Vegas in January.

It’s known as Hyundai Mobility Vision, and it positions the home and car not as separate entities, but as two parts of an intelligent, complementary, virtually connected network that is linked, quite literally, via a hole in the wall in the shape of the car’s door.


Developed with the help of networking giants Cisco, the Mobility Vision sees a hyper-connected intelligent car dock to a smart home, becoming fully connected to the living space.

The possibilities provided by the concept are plentiful: if the power in your home goes out, you could use the car’s hydrogen fuel cell to power things up again. If you want to reduce the load on your home’s central air-conditioning system, it could share the cooling duties with your car instead. Got some guests coming to visit? The car can even provide extra seating while you’re entertaining.

Of course, the car in this futuristic vision is driverless, so when it’s time to go for a ride, you simply slide into your vehicle through the connected portal, sit back and let it whisk you away.

It’s a bold vision for the future in which garage spaces, living spaces and mobile spaces converge into a complete unit, and yet another example of Hyundai embracing new thinking and new possibilities.

Held annually in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show has been the launch pad for some of the world’s biggest technological innovations. From audio-visual equipment like VCRs and cassette tapes to the first personal computers and mobile phones, CES has always been the place where “tomorrow is on display”.

First held in 1967, CES 2017 was the 50th anniversary of the event.