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Pumped the wrong fuel? Make the right moves.

Seriously – putting the wrong type of fuel in your tank can have terrible consequences for your vehicle. Here’s everything you need to know.

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1. Do not turn on engine

2. Call 1800 186 306 to tow vehicle

3. Hyundai Service Centre, removes wrong fuel and replace with clean fuel before starting the vehicle


So you know that misfuelling your vehicle is bad, but you’re wondering how bad? Well, look: at Hyundai, we understand this could happen to anyone. No biggie – as long as you take immediate action, you can easily fix it.

Of course, ideally, you want to avoid having misfuelling from the outset. It’s easy to zone out at the pump, so try to get in the habit of taking a moment to double check you’re using the right fuel before you start filling up.

Unfortunately, even avoidable mistakes do happen. Let’s firstly understand why filling up with the wrong fuel can put your Hyundai in danger – and then let’s look at the one and only solution.



The short answer is possible serious or terminal damage. Yes, those are scary words. Essentially what you’re doing is creating a nasty solvent by mixing unleaded fuel with the diesel already in your tank. That solvent takes no time wreaking havoc on your engine, fuel pump, filters, injectors and the fuel tank itself. There’s a high chance you will end up having to replace all these parts. Putting petrol in a diesel car or truck also tends to be the more common – not to mention costlier – fuel foul-up, as the nozzle will usually fit inside the modern diesel’s filler gap.

Misfuelling Image 2


Now this blunder is a bit harder to achieve, because the diesel nozzle will almost certainly not fit inside the filler of a vehicle with a petrol engine. Your first clue should appear when you’re trying to force the nozzle somewhere it just doesn’t want to go. Take the hint. Prevention is always better than the cure, and this is one time you definitely won’t regret playing it safe. Borrowing a friend’s car or hired a car on holiday? Yet another reason to be extra careful. Make sure you know what type of car you’re driving before you set off, and always pay attention to both the labels and the colours on the fuel pump.

If you do somehow manage to shove the nozzle down far enough to fill up, the good news is it’s slightly less disastrous than the petrol-to-diesel alternative. However, circulating diesel can still cause all sorts of damage to a petrol engine, so it’s imperative that you do not start the engine.

Misfuelling Image 3


Thankfully, the answer is yes – but you need to do everything right. Step one is remembering not to turn on the ignition or start the engine. This circulates the contaminated fuel, increasing the genuine risk of major damage. Repeat the following: the key is to not turn the key.

Now, if you realise you’ve accidentally put petrol in your diesel tank or vice versa, arrange a tow to the nearest Hyundai Service Centre, where they will remove the contaminated fuel and replace it with clean fuel before starting the vehicle.

If you are covered by Hyundai Roadside Assist, please call 1800 186 306 to arrange a tow.


Misfuelling Image 4