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Welcome to the first myHyundai News of 2019! 

Featured Articles.

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Category:  Vehicles
5 Questions You Should Always Ask at a Car Dealership When Buying a New Car.Class style: vehicles-style
Everything you need to know before you drive away.
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Category:  Vehicles
New Year, New You, New Car – Does Your Car Suit Your Lifestyle?
Class style: vehicles-style
Now is the time to get the right car for you.
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Category:  Vehicles
Replacing Your Car Earlier Might Actually Save You Money.
Class style: vehicles-style
Wondering when to sell your old car and buy a new one?
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Category:  Vehicles
Your Top 5 Questions About Trade-ins Answered.
Class style: vehicles-style
Everything you should know to ensure a successful trade-in.


Our support to the community.

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Category:  Community
2018 Was a Year of Magic Moments with Hyundai Help for Kids.Class style: community-style
It’s easy to measure charitable success in dollars and numbers, but when it comes to fundraising efforts, often it’s the moments of magic that matter the most.
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Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids - An Ace day out
Class style: community-style
Hyundai Help for Kids provides special Brisbane Lions game-day experience for young hero.
Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids: In for the long haul.
Class style: community-style
Hyundai Help for Kids joins tireless efforts to raise funds across the country.
Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids News
Class style: community-style
There've been lots happening at Hyundai Help for Kids with some money can’t buy experiences that resulted in plenty of smiles all-round.

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