Redeem Cashback


As proud sponsor of the 5th AACTA Awards presented by Presto, we’re also delighted to offer a very special opportunity to AFI and AACTA members - an exclusive $500^ discount on the purchase of any new Hyundai.


^Terms and Conditions

1. Only AFI | AACTA members who hold a 12 month membership (Adult and Concession) will be eligible for the $500 loyalty bonus. The offer applies to private buyers only. ABN Holders, Fleet buyers, government authorities and agencies or persons acquiring vehicles for business or commercial purposes are excluded from the offer.

2. The offer commences on 1st January 2015 00:01 (AEST) and expires 31st December 2015 at 23:59 (AEST) (Offer Period). The offer may not be combined with any other offer or promotion run by Hyundai and is not transferable. The offer can only be redeemed once per vehicle purchase, i.e., membership of more than one sporting club for which Hyundai may make similar offers will not entitle the Member to more than one Loyalty Bonus for the same vehicle purchase.

3. There are two stages to the offer.

Stage 1 – Purchase of one of the following new Hyundai vehicle models by an AFI | AACTA Member from an authorised Hyundai dealer within the Offer Period:
- i20
- Accent
- Veloster
- Elantra
- i30/i30 Tourer
- i40/i40 Tourer
- iMax
- ix35
- Santa Fe
- iLoad
- Tucson
- Sonata
- Genesis

(a) The Member can purchase any of the above new Hyundai vehicles (Vehicle) from any authorised Hyundai dealer at any price during the Offer Period.
(b) Second hand or demonstration vehicles are excluded from the offer.
(c) Members will not be required to identify themselves as a member of AFI | AACTA at the time of purchase of the Vehicle.

Stage 2 – Claiming of Loyalty Bonus from Hyundai:
Hyundai Vehicle Loyalty Bonus
i20, Accent, Elantra, i30, i30 Tourer, Veloster, Sonata, i40 Sedan, i40 Tourer, iMax, ix35, Tucson, Santa Fe, iLoad, Genesis = $500

4. How to claim the Loyalty Bonus:
(a) Following purchase and registration of the Vehicle, the Member can download the Member Loyalty Bonus Claim Form (Claim Form) available on the AFI | AACTA website or Hyundai website
(b) To claim the Loyalty Bonus, the Member must post, email or fax the completed and signed Claim Form to
Hyundai at the address set out on the Claim Form, together with:
(i) A copy of their AFI | AACTA membership card;
(ii) A copy of their driver’s licence;
(ii) A copy of the registration papers of the Vehicle purchased; and
(iii) A copy of the sale contract for the purchase of the Vehicle.
The name of the Member must be identical to the name contained in the sale contract and the registration papers.
(c) Hyundai will not be responsible for any Claim Forms that are lost in the mail, during transmission or are received by Hyundai illegible or damaged.
(d) The Claim Form must be received by Hyundai within 6 months of the date of purchase of the Vehicle. Hyundai will not accept any claims or pay any Loyalty Bonus if the Claim Form is received at Hyundai after the 6 month period.
(e) The Member is only entitled to the Loyalty Bonus if the person is a financial Member of AFI | AACTA at the time of purchase and delivery of the Vehicle, which must be within the Offer Period. Upon receipt of the Claim Form, Hyundai will verify the identity of the Member and whether they comply with these terms and conditions at the time of purchase and delivery of the Vehicle.
(f) Upon verification of identity and valid membership of the Member, Hyundai will send to the Member a cheque for the amount of the applicable Loyalty Bonus. 
(g) Hyundai reserves all rights to refuse or reject any claims for the Loyalty Bonus if Hyundai in its discretion determines or is of the reasonable opinion that the claimant does not meet or comply with these terms and conditions.

5. Members under the age of 18 must obtain the written permission of a parent or guardian over the age of 18 to make a claim under this offer.

6. Incomprehensible and illegible Claim Forms and accompanying documents will be deemed invalid.

7. Hyundai reserves the right to request AFI | AACTA Members to provide Hyundai with any additional proof of identity, proof of purchase of a Vehicle or other evidence Hyundai requires to establish the validity of the claimant’s Loyalty Bonus claim, and to reject any claim for the Loyalty Bonus if the claimant is unable to satisfy any such requests to the extent Hyundai requires in its discretion.

8. Hyundai reserves the right to reject any claims if Hyundai suspects the claimant has tampered with the claims process, a claimant submits a claim that is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or the claimant has, in the opinion of Hyundai, engaged in conduct in making the claim which is fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or generally damaging to the goodwill or reputation of Hyundai.

9. The Loyalty Bonus or the legal or beneficial interest in the Loyalty Bonus cannot be transferred or assigned and cannot be redeemed for anything other than payment by cheque made payable by Hyundai to the Member which can take 8 weeks to process and delivery.

10. Hyundai reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion and at any time (including during the Offer Period) to cancel, suspend, terminate, amend or modify this offer and these terms and conditions in any way (including but not limited to changing the eligible Vehicles and the amount of applicable Loyalty Bonus).

11. “Hyundai” means Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd, (ABN: 58 008 995 588) of Cnr of 394 Lane Cove Road & Hyundai Drive Macquarie Park, NSW 2113.