Introducing Hyundai i20 World Rally Car for 2015

Broadcast channels in 188 countries worldwide, with 620 million TV viewers and 3.5 million spectators attending events on site, the World Rally Championship is one of the great motorsport series.
More commonly known as the WRC, it is also one of the world’s toughest motorsport series. After a ten-year absence from the event, in 2014, we entered our Hyundai i20 WRC to test its capabilities against the extreme terrains and weather conditions that competitors face.

Real Cars On Real Roads
Hyundai i20 WRC is based on the production model of the zippy i20. But it has been souped up to exhilarating levels.
Under the bodywork, improvements have been made to the suspension kinematics and chassis stiffness.
It has been modified and engineered to compete on ice, snow, gravel and tarmac, sea level to altitude, all with speed and spectacular sideways cornering. -25 °C in Sweden to +30 °C in Mexico.

The car needed to perform in all conditions.
And perform it did.

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