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myHyundai News Issue 05 - 2014

myHyundai News, and Hyundai, have been hitting new heights this month; new heights in adventure, in customer service, and in the company’s tireless work for charity. We’ve tackled the kind of epic journey that challenges families everywhere each year by piling two children, two adults and enough winter gear to fill a decent-sized igloo into a Santa Fe and piloting it from Sydney to Falls Creek for a skiing adventure. This is a trip that tackles one of the most asked, and most difficult, questions of any parent’s life: “Are we there yet?”

The launch of Hyundai’s epoch-shifting new luxury vehicle is also drawing closer and this month in myHyundai News we’ll tell you about a stunning series of seven videos that explore the creation story behind Genesis. We’re also bringing you some great news about the launch of Hyundai’s revolutionary Lifetime Capped Price Servicing program, which will bring you peace of mind and certainty when it comes to servicing your Hyundai, no matter how old or new it is.

And Hyundai Help for Kids has been continuing its good works with a fund-raising trip to Ronald McDonald Houses across the eastern seaboard and a very special day out at a Carlton versus Essendon match. Happy reading.

Featured Articles.

Category:  Vehicles
Award winning Santa Fe now even betterClass style: vehicles-style
Hyundai Santa Fe, even more advanced features on offer.
Category:  On the road
High Spirits
Class style: onroad-style
Going over the Falls
Category:  Community
Hyundai Engine Room
Class style: community-style
A special partnership between Carlton Football Club & Hyundai Help for Kids
Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids
Class style: community-style
Lending a hand where it's needed most
Category:  Owners
Lifetime Capped Price Servicing
Class style: owners-style
Peace of mind for owners
Category:  Design and innovation
New Brochures App
Class style: designinnov-style
Hyundai Brochures App and Accessories App now available!
Category:  Vehicles
The Moment of Genesis
Class style: vehicles-style
The impending arrival of the Genesis promises to be an event of an almost biblical scale for Hyundai Australia.
Category:  Sport
World Rally Championship
Class style: sport-style
All the highlights from Rally Australia


Our support to the community.

Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids Hits $5 Million MilestoneClass style: community-style
Hyundai Australia's charitable arm has now raised over $5 million for children in need. Meet Eve, one of many inspirational and heart-warming stories.
Category:  Community
Help is on its way
Class style: community-style
It was an enormous 2016 for Hyundai’s inspirational Help for Kids program. And 2017 looks like being even bigger and brighter.
Help for Kids Hero Image.jpg
Category:  Community
Hyundai Help for Kids
Class style: community-style
Teleschooling and The Art of Marshmallow Toasting
Category:  Community
The joy of helping
Class style: community-style
Hyundai Help for Kids passed another significant milestone in 2016. The inspirational program contributed more than $1.33m to an increased number of organisations helping Australian children in need.

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